Ushguli | Tourism | Upper Svaneti, Georgia

In Sowjet times we hosted tourists for free because hospitality is part of our culture. The valley was full of tents with mountaineers, historians, geologists, archaeologists. Today we can’t afford to do this anymore. (holder of a guesthouse in Ushguli)

An overview on tourism in Ushguli by Stefan Applis

Ushguli’s value as a tourist destination lies in its defensive tower houses and the remarkable degree of the original medieval appearance of its landscape, which have held UNESCO World Heritage status since 1996, and in its proximity to the foot of Shkara, the second highest peak in Greater Caucasus and Georgia’s highest mountain, located twelve kilometres north of the community, in the extended Enguri gorge.

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Czech Moravia | Bunkers – hidden and forgotten

On my vacation last summer I passed Czech Moravia on my way to Slovakia. The streets, far away from the big cities, are quite empty down here in the south-east of the Czech Republic. The region is intensively used for agriculture, there are patches of forests and a few villages here and there.

A photoessay by Norbert Bär

At Slavonice I drove on the S409, along the Austrian border, which was just a stone´s throw away. After a while I recognized a spot like a small island in the middle of a field. Getting closer, I noticed a small bunker made of concrete. Driving further east, more and more of these tiny protective bunkers appeared along the roadside, in the middle of the fields and meadows.

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